Mental Health

Relax and enjoy the appealing environment in Virtual Reality. It helps to reduce depression, relieve pain, and bring up memories.

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Physical Training

Traditional ways of physical training are boring. In BetterDay VR, you can do various fun activities while improving your physical health according to your needs.

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Your performance and progress are tracked and visualized in an intuitive way.

Let's manage our own health, be active and happier.

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BetterDay VR: safe and fun training for seniors

Functions of our VR training:

  • Relaxation
  • Pain relief
  • Upper body training
  • Lower body training
  • Cognitive exercises
  • Performance tracking (Coming soon)


  • Immersive 3D visual and sound environment that augment impact on users' mental status.
  • Intuitive control by wireless gesture recognition
  • Designed and customized for seniors with different health situations.


  • Ultrahack¬†2016 Health Track Winner,
  • Hyvinvointihack 2016 2nd Prize,
  • Winner of RebootFinland Pitching,
  • KasvuOpen 2017 finalist
  • And more
elderly doing sport

Next Steps...

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