Our Approach

The elderly population is Increasing rapidly overall the world. Human resources of healthcare providers are very limited to guarantee good life quality for senior adults who need daily help. 

BetterDay VR activates senior adults and people who are trapped indoor using Virtual Reality technology to reduce risks of cognitive and physical disorders in an easy, pleasant, and safe environment.

Our VR solution is easy and intuitive to understand for seniors. In our pilots, we have seen people who have dementia recalled the familiar places in the city and were excited to talk about the places with nurses. 

Our Story

My friend Tatu’s grandma broke her hip in winter and the families were warned of the complications! I learned that immobility kills senior adults because long-term bed-rest can lead to fatal complications like stroke, dementia, and cardiovascular diseases. These can be avoided if seniors would have more chances to be motivated to keep exercising in an easy, pleasant, and safe environment.

BetterDay VR solution aims let seniors trapped indoor to experience nature again, to continue their hobbies, and to self-train for better health with the help of Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial intelligent (AI).

Meet the Team

Our international team has a background from both technology and business. We share the culture of creativeness, openness, and empathy.


Yina Ye

Founder & CEO

Enthusiastic entrepreneur and innovative hacker

M.Sc. Machine Learning and Data Analytics


Tuukka Takala

VR/AR Tech Adviser

Ph.D. of Computer Science

Over 10 years research experience in



Meri Pekkanen

Occupational Therapy Adviser

About 10 years international experience in

occupational therapy.

Next Steps...

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