Mental Health

Relax and enjoy the appealing environment in Virtual Reality. It helps to reduce depression, relieve pain, and bring up memories.

Physical Exercise

Traditional ways of physical training are boring. In BetterDay VR, you can do various fun activities while improving your physical health according to your needs.


Your performance and progress are tracked and visualized in an intuitive way.

Let's manage our own health, be active and happier.


Mental Health

“This VR can bring up memories… The lady has dementia… when she has to row, she immediately knew what to do with her hands when she saw the boat.”

Saara Palmen

Volunteer work Coordinator, Mereo


Physical Traning

”Onpas rankkaa. Tässähän tulee hiki jo kohta”/ This is surprisingly intense, I will be sweating already in a moment.
”Kuinka jännitävää!” / How exciting!
“Nään puut ja mökin, kuulen linnut.” / I can see the trees and the cottage, I can hear the birds.

Resident at Mereo Lauttasaari, December 2016




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